01 agosto 2013

O melhor argumento contra o aborto

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Norma disse...

Comentário de uma enfermeira em resposta a uma história de uma mãe em dificuldades que se recusou a abortar - http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/crash-victim-with-broken-neck-wakes-from-coma-finds-out-shes-pregnant-refus/

"Every once in a while you hear a story of someone who was told (or her next-of-kin was told) that her survival depended on an abortion. Most people actually believe their doctors when they are told this. As a critical care nurse I was always aware that such advice was not correct. The problem is, the neurologists and trauma surgeons don't want to share the patient with an obstetrician who will be advising for or against a course of action. It makes things more complicated, but as this story shows, it can be done."

Débora Oliveira disse...

É de arrepiar! Como Deus é maravilhoso! Como não vir à cabeça o Sl 139?

Dionizio Neto disse...

Lindo demais!!!
Poder de Deus =)